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We are lovers of food – cooking at home for our family, frequenting local restaurants (or ordering take-out), traveling in search of new culinary experiences, and creating meals for friends.  Food is a way we express ourselves, constantly exploring the art of growing, making, preparing and sharing.  It offers a unique way for us to bridge our different backgrounds and embody our cultures. It’s a creative outlet, a therapeutic respite, and a way to create space for us to be together doing something we love.

In this blog you’ll find foods and cooking techniques representing our various lineages – Filipino, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, French, German, English and American – and more.  We’ll include recipes and sources that influence us, and add some of our own tips and ideas.  We explore food justice and activism, and share stories that inspire us.


Offering inspiration for creating gathering spaces, place settings, and presentation, we’ll infuse art inspired by food, home, and entertaining family and friends.  We also love checking out local eats in and around the Chicago area and we’ve been known to base our travels on where and what we’ll eat when we get there, so we’ll throw some restaurant recs and favorite travel spots into the mix!

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