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Bread & Clay explores food as an art form and a vehicle for social change. We believe that the growing, harvesting, preparing, cooking, presenting, offering and sharing of food is an expression of identity, a connection to history and culture, an honoring of ancestry, a form of self and community care.

What started as a random collection of recipes from relatives and people in our community, has turned into an experiment in the art of connection through food.

Bread & Clay is an archive of the food we love to eat, the dishes we cook, and the stories that are embodied in the ingredients and recipes we use, especially as it relates to our own family histories.

Along with recipes, we weave in a bit of history and culture to offer some context and areas for connection.  You’ll find personal stories, interesting facts, people of note, places of origin, imagery and language to help offer different points of entry into the many layers associated with food culture, food justice, and how all things food might be a vehicle for change.


We hope you’ll stick with us and see where it goes… 


Melissa & Brian

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